Because your child’s life occurs outside the clinic.  

Sensory Advantage is a pediatric occupational therapy practice serving the Indianapolis area with an emphasis on providing mobile therapy services to address sensory processing, fine motor/visual motor, and social-emotional skill development within the child’s natural environment.  Mobile therapy services are about more than convenience. Simply put, the clinic is not real life.  And successfully being able to perform a task in a controlled clinic setting with limited distractions does not ensure that this skill will be transferred to a classroom setting with 20 other active students.  Our goal is to understand your child’s struggles within the context they are occurring to provide truly individualized interventions and support.

Because practical solutions matter.  

We prioritize interventions that can be smoothly integrated in your child’s daily routine with minimal disruption.  We recognize that no single approach is right for every child.  We offer child and environment-specific strategies using readily available resources and materials.

Because collaboration ensures success.  

Too often therapists are isolated in their setting and not able to collaborate effectively as they have to rely on third party information that cannot be delivered in a timely manner.  Rather than having the family link us to teachers and other providers, we are the direct contact and are available to observe behaviors and concerns first hand and to problem solve with the team in real time.

If you want learn more about our unique services, please contact us, or call us at (317)-721-2458.