School is not only a place for academic learning, it is where a child develops the fundamental motor, sensory processing, and social-emotional skills to independently navigate the world at large.  Some children may have significant global delays impacting school performance and participation, requiring direct therapeutic evaluation and intervention.  Others may have slight gaps in a particular area of development, and while they would benefit from additional help and practice, they do not necessarily require full scale therapy.  Recognizing this continuum of developmental needs, Sensory Advantage partners with schools to offer innovative programs and on-site services to support all levels of student ability.

For students requiring more individualized interventions, we offer on-site direct services including evaluation, individual and small group therapy, and consultation. For students that may need an extra boost or fine turning in a specific area, we have our Therapeutic Enrichment Program.  These innovative groups promote targeted skill development and improved attention to support optimal classroom performance.

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