Sensory Advantage offers a full complement of specialized occupational therapy services for children from birth to 17 years of age.  We offer individualization at every stage as we work to determine the best therapist-child match, setting, and service model to meet your child’s needs.

Evaluation Services: Evaluation may include standardized testing, skilled observation of motor and sensory responses, parent/teacher completed questionnaires/checklists and interview, as well as observation of your child at home, during school, or in the community.

We offer a systematic two therapist evaluation process.  A designated primary therapist will work directly with your child while a secondary therapist is present to record her own separate clinical observations as well as assist with any transitions.  The added impressions of a second professional provides a more complete understanding of your child’s strengths and challenges.   This approach also permits both therapists to establish rapport with your child.  In the event the primary therapists is unavailable, your child can reschedule with a secondary therapist who has an established relationship with your child, thus ensuring continuity of services.

Individual Therapy:  Following our intake and evaluation process, we will match your child and family with a therapist whose professional background and personality best supports your needs.  This means your child’s primary evaluating therapist may not be the primary treating therapist.  The primary therapist will work with parents and families to provide individual therapy sessions within the child’s daily routine.  We make therapy fun, letting the child’s interest and involvement guide our treatment planning.

Small Group Therapy: There are times when working with peers in a small group setting provides advantages that aren’t afforded in individual therapy.  Children are often motivated to try and do things that their peers are doing.  We provide small group sessions that focus on non-competitive, cooperative activities.  This approach will not only work on improving the targeted skill area, but it also addresses social skills including positive communication and teamwork.

Sibling Sessions: Siblings can be included in sessions to promote positive and supportive interactions through sensory and exploratory play.

To set up an evaluation for your child, or for more information about our services, please contact us at (317) 721-2458.