Sensory Motor Camp
Jump off your child’s summer with this fun, skill-building camp! Kids will explore and participate in a variety of sports, gross motor games, sensory play opportunities, and arts and crafts activities. This camp will help develop core strength, gross motor coordination, eye-hand coordination, and motor planning. Additionally, campers will be introduced to Zones of Regulation principles to help improve self-regulation, positive peer interactions, and social problem solving sills.

Handwriting Hero Camp
Who says handwriting can’t be fun? In this engaging camp, kids will be introduced to the Handwriting Hero Rules for improved writing legibility. Campers will build hand strength, fine motor coordination, and visual motor control through multi-sensory play with a variety of manipulatives and participation in motivating, superhero arts and craft projects.

Kindergarten Readiness Language and Fine Motor Summer Camp
Lead by a speech language pathologist and occupational therapist, kids will participate in a variety of engaging multi-sensory activities and games designed to enhance pre-academic skills while developing phonological awareness, language concepts, self-regulation, fine motor manipulation needed for independent self-care and writing, and social interaction.