For those students that need individualized therapist support, Sensory Advantage works with schools to provide on-site evaluation, direct therapy, and consultation services to children in all grade levels. These services are not considered part of a child’s IEP or ISP. Rather, they are private occupational therapy services initiated by the family and delivered in the school setting.

On-site provision of services permits the therapist, teacher, and parents to communicate and collaborate more effectively allowing for optimal student success.

Evaluation: Sensory Advantage offers a unique two therapist evaluation process.  A primary therapist will work with the student, while a secondary therapist will be on hand to assist with transitioning between tasks, and record additional observations and data.

Direct Therapy Services: Sensory Advantage provides both 1:1 and small group services to address a variety of student needs.  Receiving services in the school setting promotes student transference of skills.  The therapist is also able to target instruction and teach strategies to help the student meet the demands of the school environment.

Consultation: Sensory Advantage offers consultative services to parents, teachers of all grade levels and administrators.  We are able to observe in-class activities to provide recommendations for activity adaptations or classroom modifications to support each student’s academic success.  Our therapists have extensive experience in sensory processing systems, and can work with teachers to integrate effective sensory breaks and other strategies into their classroom.