Our Therapeutic Enrichment Groups will meet before and after school as part of your school’s extracurricular programming.  Therapists will provide instruction and hands on support to help guide skill development.  These groups are ideal for those students that need an extra boost or fine-tuning in a specific area.  They are also a great supplemental service for students already receiving school-based or outpatient OT as they offer extra practice time and another layer of support.

Sensory Advantage offers the following groups:


Handwriting/Fine Motor: There is more to handwriting than just holding a pencil.  Learning to write is a complex task that involves the integration of multiple systems.  This group uses Handwriting Without Tears, a multisensory instructional curriculum that breaks down the task of writing into manageable parts.  Students will also build hand strength, fine motor coordination, and visual motor control through exploratory play with a variety of manipulatives and participation in motivating arts and craft activities.


Typing: Learning to type is a valuable skill that allows students to complete computer-based tasks faster and more efficiently as well as increase written output.  This group incorporates Keyboarding Without Tears, an innovative self-paced program that is aligned to grade level language arts standards and fosters development in spelling, grammar, and writing all while practicing and improving typing.  Additionally, the group will include activities to strengthen the underlying visual motor and isolated finger control skills needed for proficient touch typing.

Screenshot_2017-08-29-13-10-57-1-1Movement and Focus: Research shows that 30 minutes of before school physical activity helps improve attention, cognitive functioning, and learning.  This group guides students through a structured progression of movement sequences to promote organized brain and body responses. Students will participate in targeted rhythmic based movement, yoga postures, midline crossing exercises, and other sensory regulating activities to prepare them for the school day.

If you are a school administrator interested in adding our Therapeutic Enrichment Groups to your extracurricular programming, please contact us at (317) 721-2458.